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I'm sitting on my bed with my beloved Feisty for the last time. Now at the end of her 19th year, my precious girl has shrunk down to skin and bones. Her fur is dirty. She can't stand up. It's time. I called her aunt Syd over for a visit, called Aunt Daybreak and let her know, broke the news to my mom, and [personal profile] millari  should be here soon. In the morning, we shall take our little gray tiger to the Cat Hospital one last time.

Farewell, my dear friend. If there is something beyond this mortal coil, please give my love to your uncle Dave, and to Miles and Tilda. It's OK if you ignore Stinky.
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Our cat Tilda has disappeared. She went out Friday evening, and hasn’t come back since. We’ve gone all around out back looking for her, we’ve scattered cat litter in the back yard to help her find her way home, and I passed out flyers with her picture and our phone number on them. So far, nothing. Anything can happen, of course, and I well recall another cat called Orestes who literally disappeared for a month before turning up one day. But I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never see Tilda again, and it makes me ache inside. She's lived with us for just about 4 years (which makes her seven!), and I really hope she comes home.

(It isn't helping my mood that I watched the end of Life on Mars. SPOILER!

I really liked the people Sam encountered in 1973, and I can understand why he'd choose them over the apparently drab life he's living in 2006, with no friends or connections, but they aren't real. So his decision to jump off a building rather than try and make friends with real people just makes me sad. I have wasted so much of my life getting stuck in fantasy, and not embracing relationships with actual people (or myself), and I just find it a bit... upsetting that Sam chooses to feel something, but to do so he retreats into imagination and death, rather than life. They play Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and I get the connection to the Wizard of Oz, but I honestly never understood why Dorothy would prefer drab old b&w Kansas to wonderful technicolor Oz. Sam rejects his Kansas, but I don't agree with his choice. (however satisfying it was to see Sam and Annie reunite, and listen to Sam and Gene bicker.)
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Our friend Arnaud is visiting from France for the next week.  I haven't seen him in four years, and it's good to catch up. He arrived late yesterday, and after he went to sleep, I stayed up later because a friend wasn't doing well.  (Sadly, said friend will be spending a couple of days in a psych ward--let's hope it's a short stay.)  Anyway, I slept late.

Today, we lazed about, watching some Monty Python episodes.  This evening, we went over to UMass and watched the Amherst fireworks, which were lovely.  After a bite at the diner, we went to Friday Night Rewind (thanks to [profile] sundart for getting us tickets) to 1996's tour de farce Independence Day.  I didn't remember the details very well, but it certainly punished me for knowing things as much as I recalled, and the story was full of ridiculous and unlikely coincidences.  And bad acting, too.  However, Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch were lots of fun, and watching this cheese-puff patriotism was greatly improved by the rewind crowd, who had seen it before and helped coat the stupidest bits with irony to ease them down my throat.  Best part of the screening: a tie between [personal profile] kjpepper stripping the H, the N and A from a  HANCOCK visor; and trading snarky comments with reigning Pioneer Valley Queen of Snark, [profile] sydneycat.  Hurray!  Tomorrow, I'll take Arnaud to game night at the store, and next week, we'll go camping and hiking for a couple of days.  And next weekend, we'll throw a little birthday party for my mom.  Ah, it's nice to have a few days off in a row.

ETA: Today, for the first time since she joined our pride, Tilda caught a mouse and brought it inside.  Then, an hour later, she caught another one.  I don't know what's up with that, but I hope she doesn't keep bringing them inside.
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1) We have a new cat.  Millari has named her Tilda.  She and Feisty have interacted under a doorway, and gotten to know each other's scents.  Tilda seems to want to play, and Feisty is really not sure she's ready for this spunky newcomer.

2) Our garden is yielding fruit.  We have quite a few peaches (not big, not as nice looking as the ones from the industrial farms, but good) that are either ripe or almost ripe on the tree.  We also have grapes coming in.  If you want some, please let us know that you want to come by and get them.  We spent 45 minutes tonight blanching and peeling a couple of dozen for pies....and we still have at least 20 more.  So come and get them!


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