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Actually several "its". Next weekend, I'm off to DexCon in NJ. This August, I'll be driving down the east coast to visit friends while I head towards DragonCon.

I've been seeing a life coach, which sounds kind of dumb to me, but it's been helpful, because she's helping to articulate what I really care about, and thus to focus on doing what I want to do, rather than what I think I should. I find that I am more relaxed and confident lately, and I'm accomplishing more things that matter to me. (Such as getting to the trainer 4 times a week, getting solar panels on the house, driving out to Kentucky for a family wedding, and spending more time with friends.)

It's ten months since my brother died. I'm still growing my hair out, two months to go, and it's such a nuisance. I don't know how people deal with it.

I started listening to a podcast on the History of Rome on my long drive, and it feels good to be learning about stuff that I didn't want to spend a ton of time reading about, but that I'm glad to know nonetheless. And so far, my favorite historical character has been Hannibal Baraka, so I'm sad he lost.

Millari is living here at the house again for the summer before she moves to Mexico. It's lovely to have her around so much, though her stuff is creating some clutter. The kitty is very happy she's here, and is every more cuddly and purring than otherwise. (She's in the crook of my arm as I type this. I think she sends her felicitations to you, dear reader.)
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[ profile] millari and I slept in a bit, and then had to scramble to pack our bags and tidy up enough to leave the room behind before Joke and his adorable daughter arrived. [ profile] fuschia headed for the airport before we did, and [personal profile] blue_crow and [ profile] blaaksable dropped by to say farewell, though they mostly spoke to M while I bustled about.


We checked out, piled into their car, and drive to a café called the Flying Biscuit, where we met the Reverend Mrs. Joke (pray for a better nickname) and their surprisingly well-behaved three-year old son. 

We tried the biscuits in gravy, which were absolutely amazing, and put the rest of the quite good food to shame.  We talked about the con, and travel, and comics, and all sorts of random things.  I suspect that we were a welcome bit of grownup interaction for our friends.  I really love Joke, and his family has completely charmed me.  I very much wish they lived next door.

Then they took us to their place, where we gave Joke a birthday gift (two games: Chrononauts and Pandemic) and they showed an episode of a sitcom called Big Bang Theory featuring a pointless and geeky variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors, which, despite adding the additional options of Lizard and Spock, still completely failed to resolve any disputes between them.  I have to admit, I laughed, despite my being too cool to enjoy any sitcom.

Then, a mad dash to the airport, a tolerable flight home, picking up the car, driving home, ended in a late bedtime.  The cats were only normally psyched to see us.  Clearly, our cat sitter did a great job in making them feel loved and secure.

I had a sore throat by that point, so I spent most of Tuesday sleeping, and then BAM!  Back to the soul-crushing grind of professional nerd-dom.  :)

ETA: some press coverage of this year's con.  None of them mention me.

The Emory University paper on the whole con; the Journal Constitution on the Shatner/Nimoy panel (with video clip), the DesMoines Register on the guy who organized the blood drive, and someone at a website called BSC Reviews on her Con experience, complete with cute pictures of her daughter.

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I saw many cool costumes at the Con, and I took pictures of a few them.  Here they are. 

On day before the show, waiting in line to pick up credentials, I saw these Futurama fans:

Futurama on their minds )

There was a woman in a superbly done Victorian style dress, complete with a hat and walking stick, and when I asked for a photo, she agreed, but only if she could hold her cell phone to her ear :)

Dammit, Oscar, I told you never to call me at this number! )

Then, there was a guy dressed as an Alien (a la the Ridley Scott movie), who had gotten behind the desk at the Hyatt and was menacing the accommodating clerks:

You know, I exploded out of the torso of a mammal much like yourself... )

Finally, there was the coolest costume I saw at the whole show, a superbly done, terrifically original full-body piece:

The Ottoman Automaton, The Engine Of The Lamp )

There were, as one might expect, lots of women in revealing costumes, though only three or four Princess-Leia-as-Jabba's-slave-girls, including one brave woman in a chainmail bikini with, I think, nothing at all underneath it.  (Ouch.)  I tried not be a skeezy guy who makes the ladies nervous, so I held off on taking any 'sexy' pics.

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Day 3:

Another slow off the mark day.  In retrospect, it's clear I was coming down some sort of con crud, but at the time, I just felt moderately washed out in the morning.  Whatever was going on, I slept through the 10 AM Torchwood panel, the 11:30 Q&A with Gene Wolf, and wound up getting to the con too late for either the Hellboy panel with Scott Allie  & Mike Mignola or the Patrick Stewart appearance.  I also missed, at various points, all of the frakking Babylon 5 panels, and the intriguing panel on the still in production 11th Doctor episodes.  I did, however, make omelets for the three of us, and lunches, and clean up a lot of the mess from the raucous Squee party.

I can't recall exactly what M and I did once we actually reached the con, but we soon wound up hanging out with the bubbly [personal profile] nicole_anell in some other person's suite, waiting for [ profile] sabaceanbabe to come by with a video she made for M's birthday (her contribution to [ profile] freshcraftmills .  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)  For some reason, I was feeling sort of depressed and maybe even crabby.

I went off to catch a panel in the Hyatt about the Space Ghost Coast to Coast cartoon, but I couldn't find the room.  Instead, I wandered into the art show, which was OK, and then into the comics room, which was cool.  I chatted for a bit with David Petersen about how cool Mouse Guard was, how well it sold in our store (both the comics and GNS, and the RPG as well), and asked him to keep us in mind if he ever did a signing tour in the Northeast, as we'd be delighted to have for both comics and gaming events.  I also spoke with a sales rep for Avatar Press, and learned interesting things about their actual inventory levels, versus our ability to order reships from Diamond.  

[I also noticed, but forgot the name of, an artist who did some funny yet hot drawings, featuring stuff like a half-naked Batgirl lying in bed, with the Bat Cave behind her, thinking "Boy Wonder indeed", or Lt. Uhura pulling slave-garbed Princess Leia into a passionate kiss.  I actually felt rather self-conscious while I looked the booth over.  The artist approved of my grammar matters T-shirt.  I think her name was Cat Staggs, but I'm not sure.  Cat Staggs, however, definitely did this awesome Dr. Girlfriend piece, and it looks similar to what I saw, so I'll leave it at that for now.]

Perhaps fortified by my foray into schmoozing retailer mode, I then managed to find [ profile] spacepug in the lobby upstairs.  I ill-advisedly ate a hot dog and chicken fingers.  (No serious consequences, but over the next couple of hours I came to understand that my digestive tract did not approve of these culinary shenanigans, and that I should have waited for similarly overpriced, but tastier, food.)  Anyway, SP and I chatted for a bit while we waited for M and her M to join us.  [ profile] fuschia spotted us, and we socialized for a bit before she went off to a Dark Fantasy panel (?), and then SP and I went and found [ profile] millari in the Marriott, and eventually settled down to chat for about 90 minutes about... nothing earth shattering.  Gossipy stuff about the housing market in Vancouver, and living with injuries, and other things that I can't even remember.  I'm pretty sure I actually let the other two talk for a significant portion of the time, too.  It was a high point of the convention for me, though, from the simple joy of spending time with someone I quite like, even though I still don't know her that well, yet.  I look forward to our next visit.)

We might have chatted for hours more, except that I noticed there was a BSG panel in five minutes, so we dashed down the stairs and went to that.

and now it's really late, so I'll finish this up tomorrow.  I still haven't gotten to our dinner with AJ. :)

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Day 0 )

Day 1 )

Day 2 )
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En route to DragonCon, waiting for a connection in Raleigh-Durham*, I spotted a woman carrying a clone trooper helmet#. Struck up a chat about the con. Ggg and her husband% were charming, friendly, and instantly gave me that sense if being among friends that is one of the joys of coming to cons- one I'd half forgotten until just now. I'm now quite jazzed for the weekend!

* Disappointingly not shaped like a lit cigarette.
# You can tell because it's a different shape from the Storm Trooper helmets.
% They're both marines, and crystallized my sense that service people who are also fans are usually really cool.

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