Aug. 3rd, 2006

Ah, July.

Aug. 3rd, 2006 06:50 pm
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July was quite a month for me.  After my wedding and the hullabaloo of Connecticon (at which the store did really well), there was Secretive's wedding on Long Island.  Well, actually, there was a nice evening with friends and seeing Margaret Cho, who was pretty funny, though she did some material I had seen her do before, so I wasn't as amused as I was the first time I saw her.  God she's cute, though.  Then, there was a fun evening of gaming on Bastille Day, and Secretive was able to join us, perhaps for the last time.  Then, on the 15th, Secretive, MAMEd, and M's ex (for whom I can't think of an appropriately cool adjective) went to Fenway to catch a golden moment for the Red Sox.  Curt Schilling pitched masterfully, Big Papi hit a triple (he's not a fast runner), the weather was clear and temperate and the evening was just beautiful.  It was the one good evening, and the one good game the Sox played, that weekend.

The day after that, my parents threw a wedding reception for M and me.  It was a lovely evening in their backyard, with a lot of their friends and family that we couldn't invite to our wedding in attendance.  I had a nice time, chatting with people I hadn't seen in years, and feeling comfortably grownup, in a new way, talking with all these much older adults as an equal (that became the unofficial theme of the evening for me--recognizing, and being recognized as, a married responsible adult in his mid-thirties.)  We received some lovely gifts and a tidy amount of money, enough that I felt a bit uncomfortable.  (Not quite enough to cover the costs of our wedding, but still, I'm touched by their generosity.)

(OMG, there's a rabbit sniffing at the bushes on our back deck right now.  It's so beautiful!  oh, it's gone.  Sorry, Feisty, you snooze, you lose.  And, just now, the AC has switched off for the first time today.  I guess the heat is breaking.)

So, Secretive's wedding...  really, this should be a post all its own, but here goes:

Millari stayed up really late the night before we drove down on Thursday the 20th, clearing her decks of work so she could go.  I stayed up in solidarity.  Ugh.  There was a rehearsal and dinner that night, starting at 5pm.  (I was to do one of the readings, from Walt Whitman's Song of the Open Road, so I needed to be there.)  We left later than we had planned (as is usual for us), getting on the road at 2 PM.  Millari drove, and made very good time.  We got down to New York, over the Throg's Neck Bridge and onto the LIE by 4:30.  We were about 15 minutes from the hotel when Secretive called, asked where we were, and when I told him we were approaching exit 36, told me to take that exit.  So, we did.

He directed us to a Barnes and Noble, and told us to wait there for him to pass by on his way to the rehearsal, so that we would all be more or less on time.  So, we did.  (While this was going on, G called from Tucson, and asked me to agree to be Z's back-up guardian in case she and F should both die in the next few years.  This sparked a big talk about children for M and me, which we're still having, really.  Anyway, we told G and F yes eventually.  But this is demanding some real attention during all of the following.)

The B&N was on a busy road, with two-way traffic, along a dense commercial strip.  In order to join Secretive's motorcade of people he was leading to the rehearsal, we would have to make a left turn across both lines of traffic, in and out of a busy multi-store driveway. So, we started driving down this road shortly before the caravan arrived, driving slowly (and pissing off many New Yorkers) so they could pass us.  After five nerve-wracking minutes, we managed to swerve in and join the others.  At which point things got worse.  Secretive is a terrible driver to follow.  He drives too fast, he guns through red lights, and generally drives like the Masshole he is.  The four cars following him became widely strung out.  Millari, because of years of practice following her dad around strange places around the world,  was up to the challenge, but the others got periodically lost.  After half an hour, though, it became clear that the basic problem was that Secretive was also lost.  In fact, it seems that he had never been to the church before and had only the vaguest idea where it was.  We were seriously discussing bailing on the whole affair and heading to the hotel when someone told him where to go and we made it to the chapel an hour late.

The building itself was charming, with huge windows looking out on lush, tall trees.  The rehearsal was pretty quick for an elaborate to do.  Then, we went to a upscale Italian restaurant owned by the bride's sister for a tasty dinner.  While there, I got to chat for awhile with Veritas (whom I think I have mentioned under that alias before.  He spent some time a few years ago trying to retrofit the OverPower CCG before abandonning that to develop his own CCG.   It will be debuting this fall, with previews available at GenCon, from his company, Veritas Games.)

We then went on to the hotel, the Inn at Fox Hollow, owned by the bride's uncles, which was an upscale place.  Our room, which was comped, was a suite featuring a kitchen with full fridge and stove, a couch and easy chairs, plush bathrobes, a comfy bed, and wifi.  (See their website here: ;

Millari is home, so I'll post about the wedding itself later.


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