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I'm getting organized to drive to New York later this afternoon for a weekend excursion. I hope to visit with friends while I'm there, but the purpose is the company board meeting on Sunday. It's a bit weird to be outside looking in at day to day operations now, and I really hope that I still have useful insight to add. I feel my lack of ther business experience more acutely these days, plus I'm mentally aging and it's harder for me to sit still and absorb new information. Too much distracting myself with Netflix and Hulu of late with excellent TV and movies means I'm not reading that much anymore. (About which, more later.)

The mild depression of last week has passed, and now I feel pretty much normal. Flashes of anger don't spark conflagrations. I think the regular exercise has been helping (and I'm getting fitter and thinner, too), not just with the trainer, but also on the walks with Stoic. We spent much of the hour yesterday with him explaining to me some of the minutiae of cattle raising, the differences between steers and oxen, and how precise the terminology of farming actually is. (Not that I had doubted it, but, for example, gelding is a different procedure from castration, albeit with similar results.)

My FB feed delivered an interesting post from Jessica Abel, a noted indie cartoonist, about the ways in which our old ideas, unrealized, can poison our current creativity. It's what inspired me to write this while I had a moment. And now the pancakes are here, so that's all for now.
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