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This past weekend, M and I went back East.  We drove out on Friday evening after I got out of work, and went to Sol Azteca for supper.  (Pollo a la pimienta, mmmmm), and had dinner with Papi and Gato.  Then we went back to M's family homestead, where we went to bed (though I stayed up and watched the end of game 2 of the Sox/Angels series.)

On Saturday, we slept late and had a lovely and leisurely breakfast with Papi and Mami.  Eventually, we managed to collect ourselves and drive to Somerville to stay with[ profile] wandelrust  and[ profile] omnia_mutantur  in their beautiful new home.  We had lovely chats and walked around Mission Hill, checked out Hub Comics, went out for tasty Greek food, and then back to the house.  OM schooled us all at boggle once again, and then we watched Snatch on DVD, which was just as funny as I recalled.  (Brad Pitt and his adorable accent!)  And, wow, that movie is well acted, well filmed, and well written, but really blows me away is how well plotted it is.  I hope someday to be able to do something like that myself.

Sunday, we went for brunch with both of our families.  The food was OK, and the socializing as pleasant as one might expect.  I have to put learning Spanish on my to do list, so Mami is more included.

Then home, to do lots of much delayed house cleaning, watching the VP debate on tivo (with nerf guns), and then bed.

Married life is good.


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