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Well, that's another month of my life receding into the distance. Since my last post, I lost a week due to illness, spent the following week in New York working at our Mamaroneck store (and feeling washed out), followed by a week of... I dunno, exactly. It's reinforced for me that too much time in Andover can mess me up. Unscheduled time can mess me up, and it gets worse when I'm in Andover. For example, I have been here since Saturday. I slept late today as each previous day, and right now I'd still like a nap.

It was interesting working a job full time again, even if just for a week. I still quite enjoy the hospitality angle (talking with customers, taking orders and making recommendations) and the cleaning the store and processing deliveries elements make me feel productively busy. Man, do I hate the time pressure of being on the clock, though. And business in that store is streaky, so while it was super busy some times, it was dead for long stretches, which was boring and uncomfortable. After a year of privileged indolence, I was constantly aware of the "I am selling my time so I have to be here, even though I really want to go home now" factor of having a job, even a job doing stuff I mostly enjoy for a company that I own.

I feel like I'm drowning in privilege like it were a butt of Malmsey.
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